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G3 Property Solutions 

An Experienced Team of Professionals

Timely Reports

Exceptional Customer Service

Customized Property Management Programs

Our Property Managers are experienced in all aspects of  Property Management

Client Relations
• Resolve Board/Resident inquiries, requests and concerns efficiently and professionally
• Manage relationships with and between boards, residents and contractors

Financial Services
• Prepare, monitor and control Annual Operating Budget expenses
• Review monthly financial statements, balance sheets and general ledgers

Building Operations
• Conduct regular building, grounds and housekeeping inspections and complete follow-up
• Review and enforce energy management systems

Contract Management
• Tender and negotiate all contracts relating to maintenance services and insurance coverage
• Provide proactive communication with residents

Administrative Services
• Knowledge of the Condominium Act and other Government Acts & Codes
• Chair Board meetings and prepare Property Manager Reports reflecting ongoing activity

Canadian Condominium Institute